Collar Stays – How To Buy Them


A perfect collar stay not only increases the life of your shirt but also helps you in achieving the elegant look which you deserve. Buying a perfect collar stay could be tricky and to help you in this, here are the few tips that you should follow while buying collar stays for your own shirt.

? Selecting the Material: Collar stays are available in wide range of materials from plastic to metals, also including brass, stainless steel and silver. Well, all collar stays work in the same way but the durability and shelf life of a collar stay depends on its material. Metal collar stays are costly but have a longer shelf life as compared to plastic collar stays.

Select the material that fits into your budget. In case you are going to gift these collar stays to someone then you should go with the metal collar stays as they are easy to customize and look more stylish as compared to plastic collar stays. But, in case you want an affordable solution for daily usage you can go with Plastic collar stays.

? Selecting the size: The size of collar stays varies from 2 ? 3 inches. The collar stays are usually sold in 2″, 2 ?”, 2 ?” and 3″ sizes. However, the most common size is 2 ? inches, with the width ranging between 3/8″ and 1/2″.

? Varieties and cost: With the severe use of the collar stays by various people all across the world, Collar stays are designed in wide range of varieties using various materials. As said above, some of the materials used are metal, plastic, titanium etc. However, the pattern of the plastic stays keeps changing while you can avail unique and elegant patterns in the other solid materials.

Most of these collar stays are patterned with a pointed end at one edge and a rounded end at the other. The metal made collar stays are comparatively heavier than the simple plastic stays but are surely an eye teaser due their elegant attractive patterns.

? Care: Another factor to consider while selecting the best collar stays for your shirts is the maintenance they need. Obviously, nobody prefers purchasing collar stays that break away without being used much. As a result, a large number of people prefer purchasing metal collar stays as they are durable and can be used for a longer duration.

? Cost: Despite the stylish appearance and the extensive use of these collar stays, their cost is one of the most effective deciding factors. The high cost of the metal stays restricts their purchase by the regular purchasers. As a result, the plastic collar stays are used much more commonly than the expensive metals stays.

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