Nothing says welcome home more than the warmth and elegance of a Tuscan style home. Tuscan style decorating draws from old-world European charm and grace. You can create the relaxed, warm, refined and elegant Tuscan style with home decorating tips. The use of colors, fabrics and wood finishes help bring out the Italian influence. The Tuscan style always exudes classic lines and a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

The Tuscan style features terracotta tiles, textured walls, iron accents, warm woods, and relaxing detailed murals. Glass decanters, natural stone floors, color palettes with the color gold and varying shades Read the rest of this entry »

If you love Tuscan style homes, you should know that you can actually create that style with ease, regardless of where you live, just by utilizing some of the main design features. There are differences in all buildings in Tuscany, of course, but two of the biggest things that are often repeated are exposed wooden beams and interior stonework. Installing these things in your house can be done over existing surfaces – you do not need to destroy your home to do the renovation – and it can have Read the rest of this entry »

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary. We retreat to this space to relax and unwind after a long hard day. We want our bedrooms to reflect a comfortable, serene and relaxing feel every time we enter the space. If you are looking to change your bedroom into a natural countryside theme, consider a Milanese themed bedroom. Never heard of it? The Milanese style is all about bringing the outdoors in through natural materials, colors, and textures found in an Italian village of Milan.

Distinct characteristics of the Milanese style include:

Natural stone materials
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When it comes to home decorating, there are things you do and things you don’t do. What you ultimately want to do when it comes to decorating a home (I would imagine) is making your living space pleasant and aesthetically appealing. You want to feel good in your home and you want a nice, presentable place for company. What you don’t want to do is get gaudy and garish, and you also don’t want to negatively impact the living space structurally.

- Experiment with color pallets and hues to coordinate your possessions and create a visually pleasant atmosphere.

- Take a trip to an antique dealer or a thrift store for some exciting and unique, period furniture.

- Try to consider an even blend of both function and form.

- Spend hundreds of dollars on an antique you don’t even understand the function of.

- Go doing any major remodeling until you’re sure about what you’re trying to do.

- Be shy to consider the help of a professional when things get out of hand.

We briefly touched upon it in the list of Don’ts, but really, if your idea of decorating includes taking out a wall or some kind of serious remodeling, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing and check with your home insurance provider. Services like northcarolinahomeinsurance.com are often happy to answer any questions you might have regarding that.

When decorating a space to emulate Tuscan style there are a few things that can be done. Some spaces are easy to decorate by adding warm paint colors and fabrics and by adding accessories like Tuscan pottery. Another way to really add a permanent touch of Tuscan style to a space is to incorporate the Tuscan feel into the architecture itself.

Many real Tuscan spaces are made with stone floors, stone walls, stone fireplaces and other stone accents. By adding one of these stone elements to a space it really says Tuscany. If a person is committed to designing Read the rest of this entry »

Emulating the Tuscan style in a space can be done in several ways. An existing structure can be filled with temporary Tuscan design elements like warm paint colors and upholstery or if a person is really committed to creating a Tuscan style in the space the elements can be built right into the architecture itself.

One of the best ways to build Tuscan elements into the architecture of the space is with large rustic wood beams and with Read the rest of this entry »

It is a shame to let a beautiful peace of furniture with good and sturdy bones go to waste just because the upholstery is not right for the space. Fortunately there is an easy way to make a Tuscan style piece of furniture into the ideal piece for the space just by reupholstering it.

Sometimes it can be a bit too much to decorate a space too strictly within a theme. If the space is being decorated in a rustic Tuscan style there is no harm in adding a few modern touches to the space to keep it fresh. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating a Tuscan feel in an interior space is easily done with the right touches. Using warm colors throughout the space can really evoke a Tuscan feel and adding some additional accessories in the space like rustic looking pottery can really enhance the Tuscan vibe.

Warm colors can be added everywhere throughout the space starting with the wall color. Yellow and orange usually work fabulously when creating a Tuscan look especially when they are mixed together on the wall.I found some more information here. Warm colors can be added in other areas like in the carpeting on the floor, in the curtains and in the upholstery. Tuscan spaces are relaxed and natural so it is okay to mix different prints and fabric colors together like deep reds, caramel browns, sunflower yellow, and blood orange. As long as the fabric colors are in the warm color range they will look good together.

Once the space is decorated with a warm color palette the space can be made to further emulate Tuscany by adding rustic looking pottery to the space in the kitchen and living space. Tuscany is known for it’s pottery so adding these touches to the space is a very specific way to reference Tuscany.

Tuscan style is all about rustic warmth and comfort so it is important to keep these aspects in mind when decorating a Tuscan style living room.

The first way to bring an ambiance of warmth and light into the space is to paint the walls in a warm color. These warm colors include sunny yellow, warm orange, and neutral whites with a hint of yellow. Once the walls are painted it is important to note the floors. Tuscan spaces are known for their rustic stone work and vintage wood. Get more information at Read the rest of this entry »