Curiosities and Animation for Corporate Party Entertainment

Corporate party entertainment is something that involves great celebrations and for that we must explain the following:

Animation for corporate events is a style of animation that aims to provide each of the guests with joy and fun. Generally, those who search for this service are companies and corporations with the aim of entertaining their employees and other guests.

Event animation is a resource that has already been used by several companies, who believe that the method can bring more relaxation to the work environment and bring employees and customers closer.

In addition, the service can be used in internal and external events, and in external events, it enhances the good image of the press, making employees and customers feel good and happy with the services they are receiving.

2 entertainment possibilities for corporate events.Not all entertainment needs to stop programming to run. You can simply have small pieces of entertainment strategically placed throughout the entire event. Think of attractions like a pianist in the cocktail lounge, a mime walking around your event, a waiter who is also a circus performer.

1- Personalized illusionismExclusive and personalized performances to communicate your message, your brand or product in a memorable and innovative way. It can be performed at key moments of large corporate conventions or marketing actions.

The Magician includes your brand or product in the elements with which it presents itself and in the speach it uses to interact with guests.

Mágica alone makes it possible to talk a lot about the brand in all the groups that the artist passes by performing.

What spells can be performed?

– Bottom magic, it has the customer’s brand on the bottom, the chosen card becomes the bottom and appears in the person’s hand with the company’s brand. – Card that appears in the hand of the person who has the company’s brand on it, when the magician places the cell phone on this card it becomes a normal playing card on the cell phone but what is on the card will be the company logo. In all magic, the artist gives context to the company’s principles.

These tricks will be presented in order to interact with other magic, not only showing the printed mark, but also mentioning the marks all the time.

2- Mimic.Mimico is an ideal artist to interact with guests circulating around the event space, he is an artist specially hired for receptions, relationship cocktails, fair stands and exhibitions, among other corporate events.

The appropriate moments to include the Mimic attraction are at the reception, during the cocktail or coffee break, the artist provides moments of relaxation, thus being extremely important to improve the experience of the participants.

And many others where people have fun and make it a memorable moment for everyone.

We Are Really Liking Our New Lincoln

When we went car shopping we had to keep in mind the nights out when I would be with my boss and our clients. My wife and I started looking at the Lincoln latest models that are available. I have been enjoying the commercials on TV about the new Lincolns that have Matthew McConaughey in them. The scene where he is talking to himself is neat. It shows him in the driver’s seat talking about enjoying the backseat of the luxury Lincoln. Then it shows him looking into the rearview mirror to see himself sitting comfortably in the back seat. That got me interested in going to take a test drive. The one complaint I had about every car we have ever owned is the smallness of the back seats for passenger comfort. Read More

Second Honeymoon Cruise Makes Me Feel Like a New Bride Again

As a gift for our thirtieth wedding anniversary, our kids all chipped in and bought us a Caribbean cruise vacation. My husband and I had not taken many vacations in the course of raising our children to adulthood and were looking forward to the trip as a second honeymoon. To that end, and to a better-looking end of sorts for myself, I started by checking out a Divine Derriere review to see if their anal bleaching cream would do the trick for me.

After years spent taking family vacations that usually involved spending a good amount of time in the sun, my skin was in need of some repair and I was looking for a product that would condition and help fade various other sun spots as well as do the job as advertised.

I am leery of most beauty products until I read well-qualified reviews, especially considering the areas I intended to use the product were very sensitive and I have skin sensitivities to begin with. I heavily rely on reviews, especially when looking at a product that I would have difficulty discussing with my 80-year-old mother or my 20-something year old daughters, who I am sure would be horrified to find out that their father and I still enjoy an active and robust sex life.

I know my husband would most likely not notice my efforts, but I was determined to make the most of the cruise and our time alone together. I harbored no delusions that I could look as I did on our wedding night 30 years ago, but I sure was having fun trying. I really enjoyed buying some new outfits and some suitable luggage and hope this trip ignites the travel fire for more husband as it has done for me. I am already looking forward to planning another vacation to make that new luggage a worthwhile investment.

It is Easy to Do the Paperwork if You Want to Hire an Employee

I like having my own business. My wife and I started our own business back when we got married. We liked doing photography, so we were able to turn it into a career. We are not making the money a Hollywood photographer might be making, but we are supporting ourselves. We also have a part time employee. It is not difficult to have a regular employee. It is just a matter of filling out some forms and making sure you keep track of pay on a pay stub. We use to do that, so it is even easier.

The one nice thing about the Internet is finding information you need. The withholding amounts for taxes and unemployment insurance are all easy to find. You know as well as I do that there is a government form for everything. Read More

Finally Moving out of the Dorms

I have been at college for a year now and they are finally going to let me leave the dorms. I have found a nice place not too far from the campus and right on the bus line, the thing I need right now is to find a room mate that I can count on. I have been trying to find a reasonably good internet service provider for a low price. Right no the best thing I can find for my budget is something from a place called Frontier Communications. I am looking on the internet and the gist of what I am hearing seems to be that you get what you are willing to pay for in this instance. They have all sorts of deals. Read More

A Five Bedroom Unit Makes the Most Sense

My wife and I are planning on starting a family soon. We know that we are going to have to find a new place to live once we do because we are currently living in a one bedroom apartment. We are hoping to have at least three children, so we knew that we needed to find something with at least four bedrooms. I would rather have too much room than not enough for a few years. She started looking online, and that is how she came across

We were both really impressed with everything that we read about this new condo development. The first thing we wanted to look at were the floor plans though. We knew that we needed at least four bedrooms and at least three bathrooms, so we were happy to see that there were a couple floor plans that allowed this.

The first one is for a four bedroom unit. There are also four baths, which I knew would make life a lot better for us. Read More

Scrub Top Embroidery Or Badge ? Which Will You Prefer?


Would you wear a badge instead of embroidered logo or name monogram on your scrub top? Some might be able to come up with this idea since badges which can simply be pinned on the scrub tops, caps, bags, or just anywhere have been popular. The latest is the identification badge for people who are single and wanting to find partners in life.

Many gave negative comments on this matter, calling it an act of desperation, some kind of a gay move, and simply a sad fact. In the medical industry though, badges or should we say medical badges will be welcomed by a good deal of medical professionals. Young people and experienced professionals in the health care industry alike will see it as another way of looking fashionable, a great way of personalization actually. Perhaps, the only problem to possibly arise is the higher price when compared to embroidery cost.

The downside, being the more costly way of putting identification on the scrub top, is easily resolved by patronizing logo set up, art embroidery, and name monogramming once again. Besides being less costly, the latter service is also easy to find. There are online stores that provide personalization or embroidery service along with the products they feature. Pulse Uniform, for instance, stocks more than 200 logos from which dentists, doctors, nurses, and every other medical practitioner choose the logo they want for their scrub tops, lab coats, and or jackets. It?s actually not easy, but hassle-free rather.

When the store has in-house logo digitizing, setting up your needed logo will be completed fast. In a short while, your scrubs tops will be ready to accompany you to work. All that you have to do is email the store with all the necessary details needed for the personalization. As to name monogramming, Pulse Uniform has for you more than 40 thread colors. Thus whatever is the color of your scrub top, there?s the right shade to complement it perfectly.

Whichever way of personalization you prefer, whether badge or embroidery, as long as the clinic or hospital you?re working in approves of it, all will be well. More importantly, though, the scrub tops you get must be of high quality and comfortable. Customization and all will be a waste if you are to wear substandard top. Online medical garment stores such as Pulse Uniform provides topnotch scrub tops and many other scrub uniforms and accessories for your needs.

Choosing The Hot New Pajama Designs


If for some reason you haven?t been able to go to stores and haven?t been able to shop around the Internet for pajamas, you’d be surprised, pleasantly, that the PJ’s have gone a long way. We can all say goodbye to the classic pajama design and say hello to the new breed of pajamas full of vibrant color, designs and new fabrics and cuts.

But this doesn?t all mean that we couldn?t still get the classic pajamas. Like the Levi’s 501, it will always be here for us. But again, we are always on the lookout for something new, something bold, something that provides better comfort. And these are all available for you now.

With the different choices available, you will now be able to have different set of pajamas that you can use for any situation. Is it too cold? Is it too hot? Do you want to feel sexy? Do you want to put out a statement? You can address all these questions by purchasing the right type of pajamas. Whatever the reason there is, there is a pajama out there for you.

Season pajamas are known for the fabric that they use. Like for instance its winter or it is a cold season, very warm fabrics are used in the construction of jammies for this type of weather to protect the wearer from the stinging cold.

One of the more popular pajamas for winter and cold seasons are the double or full fleece pajamas. They are very thick yet soft pajamas and can provide utmost warmth even in the coldest of weather. Some designs can come with a hood, just in case you really have to go outside and some footed pants.

Footed pants may not look very alluring, but they are not designed for that. These is to make sure that when you sleep, your feet are always kept warm, even if your blanket gets pulled up in the middle of the night while you sleep.

A less thick fabric that is used for making cold or winter pajamas is the thick cotton. They can be comfortably worn at home where a fireplace can help you keep warm. They are much softer than the fleece pajamas and can offer more natural mobility.

For the summer, you can pack up your winter pajamas and move on the lighter and softer pajamas. One summer pajama that has been a perennial favorite cooling fabric by women is silk. Silk pajamas are very thin yet sturdy. They can provide utmost comfort to its wearer and fortunately has been very affordable these days. No longer is the silk pajama reserved for the rich and famous. You will enjoy wearing a silk pajama and for the ladies, you will feel sexy and sultry as well.

For those that love their home teams, a lot of specialty pajamas can have designs that feature their logos. Coming in different fabrics, you can proudly wear your favorite teams’ colors in comfort as you lounge around in your house and go to sleep. Your kids can also have their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes imprinted in their jammies to accompany them while they dream.

But more importantly, the new designs and fabrics can ensure that you will get a good night’s sleep. Preparing you for the next day and everything that’s ahead of it.

Highly Affordable and Stylish Casual Dresses


In the recent clothing market, it is the fact that various styles of new clothes have been freshly released. As we all know, it is relatively easy for you to buy new clothes nowadays due to the fact that different styles and colors are available in the market. So you can easily find the suitable pieces to wear or as gifts presented to your dear friends or family members. It is also the fact that most of the stylish dresses displayed now are the formal ones and we often wear this kind of clothes in offices or some big parties.

You may think that casual dresses are not as stylish or impressive as the formal clothes do. But in the fashion industry, there are all kinds of dresses available. And now the new trend is that the cheap casual dresses are said to be produced by the leading brands around the world. There is no denying the fact that different kinds of dresses will have different functions.

Cheap Casual Dresses are said to be more and more popular in the recent clothing market. It is firmly believed that these cheap causal dresses can reflect the latest styles and designs. So if you are tired of wearing formal clothes all the time, you can choose to change your original style and wear the cheap causal dresses instead of the formal ones.

And this kind of causal dresses can not only keep you comfortable the moment you wear them but also can present you as a fairly stylish and charming woman. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cheap causal dresses available in the market. It is said that the selection of casual dress largely depends on the occasion or the nature of the gatherings. If you are going to spend the day in park on holiday, you can choose the cheap casual dresses like skirt casual clothes to wear on these occasions so that you will not look so formal.

It is also said that some useful accessories like antique necklaces or shining earrings can for certain make your casual clothes look completely stylish and trendy. It is also the fact that the cheap casual clothes are available in almost all colors and styles as well. In the recent clothing market, these casual dresses are found in prints or various patterns. There is no doubt that these cheap casual dresses are perfect for all occasions in all seasons.

So if you are planning to go out in hot weather, cheap causal clothes can surely keep you comfortable in all types of outdoor activities. These days choosing a perfect dress seems to be an easy task due to the fact that there are so many stylish clothes displayed in the recent clothing market. Cheap Women Dresses are surely of various styles so that you can certainly choose a suitable piece to wear. As a matter of fact, the different kinds of clothes showed in the market are highly affordable nowadays so that you are not needed to worry more about the problem that you can not afford them. If you are going to buy new clothes or you want to be stylish all the time, the casual dresses are definitely your best choice.

6 Tips To Find The Right Bridesmaid Dress

Finding the right bridesmaid dress can be a time consuming effort as the dress should perfectly complement the bride?s attire and also the whole theme of wedding.

Hence once the wedding dress is finalized, you need to start looking for the bridesmaid dresses so that you (as the bride) and the bridesmaids have adequate time to decide on the style and look of the dresses and get the necessary alterations done in time.

Bridesmaid dresses by After 6 are quite popular. After 6 bridesmaid dresses are contemporary and very elegant and they come in different styles and designs. However selecting a bridesmaid dress is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are useful 6 tips to help you select bridesmaid dresses:

1) Find the Right look
You need to opt for a style that looks good on the bridesmaid and at same time complements the bride?s wedding dress. Choose a style which blends with the wedding dress yet doesn?t look too similar. After all it is the bride?s day and she should stand out.

2) Style that suits all
One style doesn?t fit all body types. Therefore go for the safest options such as empire waists and A-line or princess skirts as they look flattering on most body types.

3) Mix n? match
You can be a bit innovative and do some mix and matching of blouses and skirts. Choose a color or a fabric and then allow each bridesmaid to select a style that suits her best. It is unfair to force a broad shouldered bride to wear a style that a petite bridesmaid should be flaunting.

4) Fabric according to the seasons
Most popular fabrics for bridesmaid dresses are georgette, chiffon, organza, satin, lace, brocades and crepe. The selection process of fabric depends upon season. If the wedding is due in the summers, then go for lighter fabrics which don?t make you sweat out heavily. And if the wedding is in winter, choose a heavier fabric so that you don?t feel cold.

5) Color
Just like fabrics, the choice of color also depends upon the time of the year the wedding is being organized. Soft pastel colors are perfect for a summer or spring wedding whereas platinum, teal green, deep burgundy and deep blue are the shades for winter wedding. Shades of copper, gold and rusty red are great for fall season.

Another factor that plays an important role is the color of the wedding dress. You need to make sure that the bridesmaid dress gels perfectly with the color of the bridal dress. Usually platinum, lilac, soft pink, blue and cream complement the bride?s wedding gown nicely, which is usually in white or ivory shade.

6) Discuss with the bridesmaid
The right bridesmaid dress would be the one in which the bridesmaid feels beautiful. This can happen only when the bridesmaids are happy and satisfied with their dresses. The best way to ensure this is by involving them in selecting the dress.

You can check out bridal shops to look for After 6 bridesmaid gowns and After 6 dresses or even Forever yours bridesmaids? dresses. Take your bridesmaids along and keep all bridesmaids happy by selecting the style which flatters them.

Collar Stays – How To Buy Them


A perfect collar stay not only increases the life of your shirt but also helps you in achieving the elegant look which you deserve. Buying a perfect collar stay could be tricky and to help you in this, here are the few tips that you should follow while buying collar stays for your own shirt.

? Selecting the Material: Collar stays are available in wide range of materials from plastic to metals, also including brass, stainless steel and silver. Well, all collar stays work in the same way but the durability and shelf life of a collar stay depends on its material. Metal collar stays are costly but have a longer shelf life as compared to plastic collar stays.

Select the material that fits into your budget. In case you are going to gift these collar stays to someone then you should go with the metal collar stays as they are easy to customize and look more stylish as compared to plastic collar stays. But, in case you want an affordable solution for daily usage you can go with Plastic collar stays.

? Selecting the size: The size of collar stays varies from 2 ? 3 inches. The collar stays are usually sold in 2″, 2 ?”, 2 ?” and 3″ sizes. However, the most common size is 2 ? inches, with the width ranging between 3/8″ and 1/2″.

? Varieties and cost: With the severe use of the collar stays by various people all across the world, Collar stays are designed in wide range of varieties using various materials. As said above, some of the materials used are metal, plastic, titanium etc. However, the pattern of the plastic stays keeps changing while you can avail unique and elegant patterns in the other solid materials.

Most of these collar stays are patterned with a pointed end at one edge and a rounded end at the other. The metal made collar stays are comparatively heavier than the simple plastic stays but are surely an eye teaser due their elegant attractive patterns.

? Care: Another factor to consider while selecting the best collar stays for your shirts is the maintenance they need. Obviously, nobody prefers purchasing collar stays that break away without being used much. As a result, a large number of people prefer purchasing metal collar stays as they are durable and can be used for a longer duration.

? Cost: Despite the stylish appearance and the extensive use of these collar stays, their cost is one of the most effective deciding factors. The high cost of the metal stays restricts their purchase by the regular purchasers. As a result, the plastic collar stays are used much more commonly than the expensive metals stays.

A Young’s Clothing Line From The Young Company


For the many rising urban clothing lines today, Five Four is one of the top brands that will soon to be one of the leading brands that set up new and profound trends in hip-hop and urban clothing lines. Though the name Five Four is become more and more popular all over the country, many still doesn’t know why it was called Five Four.

Five Four is an urban clothing line founded by some of the youngest fashion designer in the industry, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy. Five Four is a company considered as a youth for youth company as its founders were only 21 of age when they started the Five Four clothing lines. The term Five Four was coined from the word “One” from which also means “One Love”, hence “Five – Four = One”. Buy wholesale fivefour

Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy started the brand while they were still studying as senior students of USC or University of Southern California. Both Andres and Dee were raised in Los Angeles from immigrant parents.

The young founders then decided on making a clothing line that symbolized their lifestyles and interests. To finance this dream, both Andres and Dee borrowed money from friends and family, maxed out all of their credit cards, and took out last minuted student loans to kick start their first line of clothing line they would soon call Five Four.

They then used the money they got to finance their first booth at the August 2002 MAGIC Show in Las Vegas. From this started a growth that would take the two your designers to success they never imagined they get. From 6 basic Five Four tees became a full collection of over 150 styles per season in just 5 years.

Five Four founders continued their endless innovation to perfect their clothing line. To do this, Five Four launched the Independent Outsider Network in 2004. Independent Outsider Network or ION is a coalition of free thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists, and other people who think outside the box.

Because of the huge popularity that Five Four is receiving from the public, the brand can now be purchased in over 1000 retailers not only in the USA, but also in Europe, Australia, Canada and even in Asian countries including Japan. Five Four founders are also planning on expanding their brand to women’s line in which will be debuted in Fall of 2009.

Men’s Shirts? Classic Shirt Designs


Men, just like women, are fond of showing off their feathers. Where variety and colour is a big hit with women, though, for men it?s all about smartness and understated sophistication. As a result, it can seem like shopping for men’s shirts is a trying affairs. The subtleties, though, are endless, and there are plenty of classic styles and patterns that can make a man stand out with a good set of shirts.

Men’s Shirts in Classic Plain Colours

It might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world on the rack, but a smart and solid plain white, blue, navy, or mauve shirt is one of the most stylish things a man can own. There are more complicated patterns and styles, of course, but most men would struggle to get by at work or on engagements without a good cycle of plain shirts.

Worn with a variety of different trousers and jackets ? from grey to pinstripe, overcoat to mackintosh ? plain shirts are never going to go out of fashion, and not least because of their simplicity: they are also slick, stylish and quietly sophisticated.

Striped Shirts ? The Second Classic Men’s Shirt

What can you do to enhance the flavour of a well made, carefully selected plain shirt? The first step is an easy but a noticeable one: add a set of stripes. This can give room for a whole host of colour combinations: white with yellow, purple, navy, or red, light blue with pink or black.

Stripes themselves, of course, come in different sizes. For a bolder look, thick lines are popular, and work well with primary colours. For the more understated, thin lines formed of pale colours work well.

In either case, stripes are a nice way of adding something different to a plain shirt, if too much of one colour seems like no good thing.

Men’s Shirts’ Final Pillar ? The Chequered Shirt

Now logically speaking the third consideration is to add a second set of stripes. In so doing, we get the chequered shirt, which is a favourite in office environments and in smart-yet-casual situations like dinners and gatherings.

Again thick and thin lines come into play, but with chequers its also important to think about the size of the squares: generally today small, tight chequers are favoured over wide ones.

The same colour considerations apply, too. With chequered shirts, though, there’s more of a scope for combining three colours: often chequered shirts will use a light colour like white or blue a a base, with a darker colour forming the primary lines and a lighter shade of that colour running round the outside of them.

Displaying a kind of quiet creativeness, it has a sophistication that sometimes the plain or striped shirts might lack.

G Star Jeans: Here To Stay!


It is an indisputable fact that at least some part of any basic wardrobe should contain some cowboy style items. G Star Jeans are perfect-for-almost any occasion, timeless and irreplaceable, reinvents itself every season and capable of adapting to any change in fashion no matter how many fashion innovations come and go.

G Star t shirts are comfortable as well as practical and always very chic yet also casual street attire. Yves Saint Laurent himself at one time stated that the only thing that if he had not been around we would have had to have invented the cowboy.

Denim went from being profitable fabric material originally used as canvas for making tents out in the Wild West. It was then utilized by a Mr Levi to create simple working clothes.

Denim has managed to move through every stage of western fashion through the decades, falling out of, and then back into fashion to become a key innovation for the couturiers of haute couture; was the emblem of an era and a uniform for generations of young people decade after decade.

Thousands of innovations later G Star t jeans and G Star t shirts are the latest manifestation of the cowboy denim and casual T shirt designs; they quite simple never go out of fashion.

No matter how the fashion market shifts and sways the simple G Star t shirts and G Star t jeans are coveted by any self respecting A list celeb or Saturday night clubber. Which never goes out of fashion and always feel good signature G-STAR, clothes many of which are sewn by hand offer exclusive designs feel good and fit like a glove.

G Star t shirts and G Star jeans are characterized by their unconventional style and avant-garde look. Exclusive details and functionality give off a strong identity, with washed, innovative or risky cuts, but always remaining true to its authentic style.

For this season of spring-summer, for the undisputed kings of casual chic have tailored clean lines and wrinkled fabrics with a return to the return to the underworld of fashionable casual wear.

G-Star Raw Denim Studio Range is a series of shirts with a new quality of vintage-style cotton, as well as a full range of graphics showing ingenious and subtle details.

The New Silk Route An Early Inspiration


The colours of designers work inspired a young boy in childhood dreams, across the treeless plain, the desert sands with family and possessions, wrenched from the arms of beloved friends, cast nightmarishly into a strange land, a strange town, where men wore Bermuda shorts, knee high socks, short sleeved white shirts with crisp collars. Striped ties, Trilby hats and brief cases anchored to hands; Standard dress requirements, up and down the Terrace they marched on and off the production line, in searing heat, in cold wind and rain, in dark and light, morning, noon and night.

Never in life to wear such uniform I swore, never in life to conform to standard dress requirements I swore, trouble or no trouble. Never in life would age determine style I swore, never in life would I dress to please others before I pleased myself I swore. So began a life of swearing, (I know all the words but no longer use them), of non conforming, but from a base of principles as passed on by Mom and Dad, these, and, a will to conquer with in and with out, put teachers, bosses, family, friends, enemies and work mates to the test, to the brink of insanity. The rebel, the radical, quick witted, do it my way, wild imagining kid did it all, but even in the criminal years maintained a life of virtues, ?honesty is the best policy?, ?manners make man?, ?cleanliness is next to godliness?, a gentleman in the making, but a gentleman as defined by principles, not a door opener alone.

Principles strengthened with age and wisdom became most vocal. A word materialized in the regimental discipline applied to virtues and practiced every day, and reflected upon at the end of the day, and reminded at the beginning of the day. And in the quiet moments at work a conscious reminder of my foundation, never to be undermined. When just a boy, a dream is a compass to follow, a glint of hope, a ray of light guiding through the traumas of adolescence, realizing life and what lay ahead. The girls winking eyes, the innocent warmth of teenage love and the first kisses from warm wet lips, the frolics in long grass down by the river side, the secrets, the trouble, the heartbreaks, the inspiration.

Never in life to live in the past I swore, but to learn from it and plan better in the future, a journey to improve, succeed where failed, to win where lost, to gamble less and learn more, to understand, to be inspired.

All of these things gathered in travels become inspirational to life, in deliverance to fashion design for me, an intangible map embryonic to the fruition of goals, but not without devastating failures along the way too.

The black swan, Emu Bitter, Swan Lager, Swan River, Swan taxis, meat pies, Polony sandwiches, picnics at Leighton. The colours of Western beach sands and aqua waters, turned against the stark coastal plains across and Purple hills to the east. Millions of scenes, illusions, emotional highs and lows like snap shots etched into memory cells and recalled to inspire a desire to design, eclipse the past into an explosion of colour, dispelling the grays and blacks of sorrow, making worth of all the growing years, every experience a chance to learn and be inspired.

The decades removed from familiar shores.

On course to a life of non conformances: on this word, it seemed quite ironic that on a varied career path I was introduced to the concept of Quality Assurance (QA), which, in essence, documents non conformances in management processes and manufacturing etc a strategy for continuous improvement. In this unusual position I was logging things that did not conform. I was beating myself over the head with a stick; fortunately involvement in this mundane task was short lived. However the essential elements of value processes (QA) were well learned by me. Any weak link in a series of functions will impact back and forth. In the service industry it results effect at the point of sale (The customer). This must be diligently, consistently avoided because service is the first creation the product second.

There was a slight detour: A discovery made in 1968; The House of Tarvedus in Plaza Arcade, original and funky, the fruition of my love for colour, a way to individualize and live by all my swearing. There exhibited, Canary yellow crepe cotton shirts, tapered in the body, with balloon sleeves and Nehru collar; silver grey satin shirts with ruffle down the front just for the Dandy man; multi coloured shirts with white French collars and elaborate white French cuffs. Fabulous flairs, grossly exaggerated, flap down fronts with three buttons on each side. And then there were the coats and jackets, and the strings of love beads.

I was the peacock and this my plumage, women became attracted and men envious, but men found it easier and more satisfying to foster this state of mind rather than change and dress up for the girls pleasure, still the standard dress ruled the way. They remained more concerned about rebukes and condemnations from mates and less akin to the opposite gender. This strengthened my resolve to avert standard dress; so, I donned love beads, they worked like a magnet and were gifted randomly and won love but mostly for a single night, some times a week and far less times for a few months.

Advancing to more sophisticated plumage, the love beads made way for vivid silk ties, balloon sleeves were reincarnated as French cuffs adorned with timeless pieces of miniature jewellery (cufflinks). The Nehru collar for the French collar, and, then came the suit, standard as it is, but to avert standard dress; the tie, vivid, expression ate, a statement of individuality, rebellion, the epitome of male self expression, this is not standard dress.

But at the end of the day, the sun sets, the colours shine through, they rein true; a fervent quest to avoid standard dress (requirements)? What is required?

It is not so much living in the past, it is how you flavour it in the present, bitter or sweet; my past was very colourful in every aspect of the word; these intangibles are now materialized in the designs I create and produce, colourful, sweet and cheerful, par for the essence; ingredients of life.

So to bring the past to fruition sweetly a new silk route in the creation, from England, Italy, Korea, Laos, China to Australia to the wider world; Bow ties, Silk ties, pocket squares representing all the finer things that men wear as plumage. I carry on the tradition of averting standard dress modestly and humbly.