Scrub Top Embroidery Or Badge ? Which Will You Prefer?


Would you wear a badge instead of embroidered logo or name monogram on your scrub top? Some might be able to come up with this idea since badges which can simply be pinned on the scrub tops, caps, bags, or just anywhere have been popular. The latest is the identification badge for people who are single and wanting to find partners in life.

Many gave negative comments on this matter, calling it an act of desperation, some kind of a gay move, and simply a sad fact. In the medical industry though, badges or should we say medical badges will be welcomed by a good deal of medical professionals. Young people and experienced professionals in the health care industry alike will see it as another way of looking fashionable, a great way of personalization actually. Perhaps, the only problem to possibly arise is the higher price when compared to embroidery cost.

The downside, being the more costly way of putting identification on the scrub top, is easily resolved by patronizing logo set up, art embroidery, and name monogramming once again. Besides being less costly, the latter service is also easy to find. There are online stores that provide personalization or embroidery service along with the products they feature. Pulse Uniform, for instance, stocks more than 200 logos from which dentists, doctors, nurses, and every other medical practitioner choose the logo they want for their scrub tops, lab coats, and or jackets. It?s actually not easy, but hassle-free rather.

When the store has in-house logo digitizing, setting up your needed logo will be completed fast. In a short while, your scrubs tops will be ready to accompany you to work. All that you have to do is email the store with all the necessary details needed for the personalization. As to name monogramming, Pulse Uniform has for you more than 40 thread colors. Thus whatever is the color of your scrub top, there?s the right shade to complement it perfectly.

Whichever way of personalization you prefer, whether badge or embroidery, as long as the clinic or hospital you?re working in approves of it, all will be well. More importantly, though, the scrub tops you get must be of high quality and comfortable. Customization and all will be a waste if you are to wear substandard top. Online medical garment stores such as Pulse Uniform provides topnotch scrub tops and many other scrub uniforms and accessories for your needs.