Feel Beautiful and Confident As a Bigger Woman

You’re a bigger woman, an important size girl, or possibly a size 16. As a young child, you experienced the confidence of Lady Gaga. You strutted your stuff around the driveway with out a thought to the dimensions of your body.

When boys or girls called you names you tell them, quite loudly I might add, they’re stupid emphasizing the idea with a slug or slap.

What happened?

Why is the confidence shattered?

Where did that sassy beautifully bold girl disappear?

She still exists.

She’s inside.

It’s just with every one of the teasing and name-calling hurled at you like rocks she built a wall to guard herself.

How will you tear down walls? One stone at any given time.

So, what will you say we wake her up, bring her away from hiding, Okay?

Confidence Starts with Your Mind

You have to identify the lies and crush all of them the truth.

The childhood rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” is often a bald-faced lie.

Throw it away.

With the primary lie crushed, let’s focus on the rest.

Louise Hay popularized positive affirmations so as to rewire the inner voices or messages we repeat to ourselves. She used a physical exercise called Mirror Work with her students. It works by waiting in front of an mirror, repeating your affirmations aloud. It helps people heal deeply. Why? Shes says “It making you immediately conscious of where you are resisting and in which you are open and flowing.”

Try saying “I adore you (insert your reputation)” aloud in front from the mirror, slowly, more, and seeking directly into the eye area. Uncomfortable, right?

Did you’re looking away? crying? scoffing?

Crush those lies, remove those stones, gradually, the wall falls down.

Be Beautifully Honest

You have to be beautifully honest with ourselves.

Those words thrown at you once you were young hurt, didn’t they?

When your Dad called you “Tubby” thinking it had been cute, it made you cry inside even when laughing on the lateral side.

When a crush rejected you together with topped rid of it like a cherry using a hot fudge sundae by calling which you fatty, you hurt so bad you considered killing yourself.

Forgive those thoughtless words. Forgive those intentional flaming darts intended to wound your soul. Forgive yourself for believing them.

What does beauty mean for you? Define it, then describe yourself using those prerequisites.

You don’t need to believe it to begin with.

Caught you didn’t I?

I realize that negative self-talk taking inside that head of yours. Just do the mirror work I mentioned before and you will start to trust it.

Define beauty for your self and accept it as true.

You can seem to be beautiful and confident to be a bigger woman. It starts by detaching the stones 1 by 1 until the wall your inner child hides behind disappears. First, identify the lies and crush them the truth. Second, be beautifully honest with ourselves. And finally, define what beauty means to your account.