A Young’s Clothing Line From The Young Company


For the many rising urban clothing lines today, Five Four is one of the top brands that will soon to be one of the leading brands that set up new and profound trends in hip-hop and urban clothing lines. Though the name Five Four is become more and more popular all over the country, many still doesn’t know why it was called Five Four.

Five Four is an urban clothing line founded by some of the youngest fashion designer in the industry, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy. Five Four is a company considered as a youth for youth company as its founders were only 21 of age when they started the Five Four clothing lines. The term Five Four was coined from the word “One” from which also means “One Love”, hence “Five – Four = One”. Buy wholesale fivefour

Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy started the brand while they were still studying as senior students of USC or University of Southern California. Both Andres and Dee were raised in Los Angeles from immigrant parents.

The young founders then decided on making a clothing line that symbolized their lifestyles and interests. To finance this dream, both Andres and Dee borrowed money from friends and family, maxed out all of their credit cards, and took out last minuted student loans to kick start their first line of clothing line they would soon call Five Four.

They then used the money they got to finance their first booth at the August 2002 MAGIC Show in Las Vegas. From this started a growth that would take the two your designers to success they never imagined they get. From 6 basic Five Four tees became a full collection of over 150 styles per season in just 5 years.

Five Four founders continued their endless innovation to perfect their clothing line. To do this, Five Four launched the Independent Outsider Network in 2004. Independent Outsider Network or ION is a coalition of free thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists, and other people who think outside the box.

Because of the huge popularity that Five Four is receiving from the public, the brand can now be purchased in over 1000 retailers not only in the USA, but also in Europe, Australia, Canada and even in Asian countries including Japan. Five Four founders are also planning on expanding their brand to women’s line in which will be debuted in Fall of 2009.

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