6 Tips To Find The Right Bridesmaid Dress

Finding the right bridesmaid dress can be a time consuming effort as the dress should perfectly complement the bride?s attire and also the whole theme of wedding.

Hence once the wedding dress is finalized, you need to start looking for the bridesmaid dresses so that you (as the bride) and the bridesmaids have adequate time to decide on the style and look of the dresses and get the necessary alterations done in time.

Bridesmaid dresses by After 6 are quite popular. After 6 bridesmaid dresses are contemporary and very elegant and they come in different styles and designs. However selecting a bridesmaid dress is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are useful 6 tips to help you select bridesmaid dresses:

1) Find the Right look
You need to opt for a style that looks good on the bridesmaid and at same time complements the bride?s wedding dress. Choose a style which blends with the wedding dress yet doesn?t look too similar. After all it is the bride?s day and she should stand out.

2) Style that suits all
One style doesn?t fit all body types. Therefore go for the safest options such as empire waists and A-line or princess skirts as they look flattering on most body types.

3) Mix n? match
You can be a bit innovative and do some mix and matching of blouses and skirts. Choose a color or a fabric and then allow each bridesmaid to select a style that suits her best. It is unfair to force a broad shouldered bride to wear a style that a petite bridesmaid should be flaunting.

4) Fabric according to the seasons
Most popular fabrics for bridesmaid dresses are georgette, chiffon, organza, satin, lace, brocades and crepe. The selection process of fabric depends upon season. If the wedding is due in the summers, then go for lighter fabrics which don?t make you sweat out heavily. And if the wedding is in winter, choose a heavier fabric so that you don?t feel cold.

5) Color
Just like fabrics, the choice of color also depends upon the time of the year the wedding is being organized. Soft pastel colors are perfect for a summer or spring wedding whereas platinum, teal green, deep burgundy and deep blue are the shades for winter wedding. Shades of copper, gold and rusty red are great for fall season.

Another factor that plays an important role is the color of the wedding dress. You need to make sure that the bridesmaid dress gels perfectly with the color of the bridal dress. Usually platinum, lilac, soft pink, blue and cream complement the bride?s wedding gown nicely, which is usually in white or ivory shade.

6) Discuss with the bridesmaid
The right bridesmaid dress would be the one in which the bridesmaid feels beautiful. This can happen only when the bridesmaids are happy and satisfied with their dresses. The best way to ensure this is by involving them in selecting the dress.

You can check out bridal shops to look for After 6 bridesmaid gowns and After 6 dresses or even Forever yours bridesmaids? dresses. Take your bridesmaids along and keep all bridesmaids happy by selecting the style which flatters them.

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