My Boat is Safe and Secure from the Elements

I found a great boat storage company here in town, and I really found it not a moment too soon. I bought my boat last summer and didn’t put a lot of thought into storing it for the winter. As everyone in Canada knows, this is a monumentally stupid error. The winters up here are savage and unforgiving. You can’t leave your boat out or you won’t have a boat to salvage come spring. I didn’t think about any of that because I figured they send these boats out in winter weather all the time, so what could go wrong.

Apparently, a lot. Where I live everything freezes up tighter than a drum and you simply can’t get your boat in or out for any sort of traveling. This isn’t a major maritime traffic area either so you won’t get boats out breaking up the ice so vessels can get in and out. My boat would have had to sit at a dock for months. In that time it likely would have received major damage to the hull. The guy at the marina overheard me talking about leaving the boat out and shut me down very quickly. He said you need a boat storage facility because you’re not leaving it here.

I got some ideas from some other people at the marina and went around to check out my options. I found a company that does a lot of business in this area as well as other areas around Canada and no one had a bad word to say about them. I went on their website and they had everything set up so all you had to do was enter various pieces of information and now I’m all set to go. The boat is going into storage next week and I won’t see her again for several months. At least it will be safe and sound.

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