I Had to Work on My Day off

This was supposed to be my day off, but instead of being lazy I ended up having to help out this friend of my boss move to a new condo at this place called www.parclife.net on Yishun Avenue, near the reservoir over there. At any rate this young lady is obviously more than a friend of his, everyone has heard all of the gossip. This is probably the biggest reason why he and his wife broke up last year. At any rate she is pretty obviously a gold digger and it was pretty clear that she was as cold as an iceberg, or at least that was the impression that she gave me. Of course the company has a truck and there is this guy that drives the truck, but he was complaining the entire time. It was his day off as well and he was not in the least bit happy about having to do this stuff instead of what he had planned to do. Apparently he had intended to go out on a fishing trip with some of his friends.

In fact the job was not that big of a deal, because the young woman had bought all new furniture. From what I have heard, people are saying that she has a credit card that has the company’s name on it. At least that is what people from accounting have been telling people that I talk to. That does not concern me right now, because it is not my company and the boss only has to answer to the bankers so far as I know. At any rate this was a pretty nice place and it sat right on a golf course. I am pretty sure the boss expects to use it for all of his leisure activities.

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