No Worries About Drunk Driving

My younger sister recently graduated from college and of course we decided on a night out on the town to celebrate. The problem there is no one wants to stay sober to be the designated driver. That’s why I immediately searched for accommodations and found Thank goodness!

Since we had a lot of people willing to go out and celebrate with us, we needed something better than a small vehicle or a limo. That’s why we went with a party bus. I had heard about them before, but had never used one or knew anyone who had. I figured it would be some nightmare scenario to hire one on short notice. I was wrong. It couldn’t be easier using I thought we might look like fools tooling around town in some huge monstrosity, but the bus was pretty laid back. You would never know a bunch of people are partying it up by looking at the vehicle.

We really went crazy and painted the town red. We were out forever too since none of us had to worry about driving or running into law enforcement. The party bus kept us off the street. We would go into a club, hang out and drink and dance, and then it was right outside to the bus awaiting our return and on to the next place. On and on it went and it was such a relief to not worry about getting into trouble.

I was so pleased with the service that I plan on using it again soon. One of my girlfriends is going to get married and she is thinking about having a bachelorette party. It’s the perfect opportunity to again use this marvelous service. In this day and age, a drunk driving conviction can ruin your life for a few years. It is simply not worth the risk. Use the party bus!

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