Check Your Plate Online Now

My dad said that he wanted to have a license plate made for him that nobody else had. I said that he had to go online to the state website and enter what he thought he wanted to have to see if someone else had yet claimed it. He said that a number plate maker online would also do the same thing for him. I thought that it was funny that they were talking about the different ways that they could get their anniversary on a plate, my parents were really happy to say that they thought of that all on their own. I know that they like to do cute little things for one another and while I think that it can get sickly cute, I think that they both really love one another and as long as they are happy and healthy then I am happy and healthy. Although, I must say that I think sometimes they are going to die if the other one does within a short amount of time because I do not know if they can or would want to go on without the other.

People always say that they would be okay if they did not have a vanity plate but my brother has always had his own plate. I thought that it was a good idea that he had a plate that was funny because I was told that a lot of people have tried to get the same plate from the state and they thought that was not a good idea. We are always laughing at the letters and numbers my brother has on his plate because I think that is a good thing. He has people try to talk to him all of the time because they want to know the story behind his plate.

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