We Are Really Liking Our New Lincoln

When we went car shopping we had to keep in mind the nights out when I would be with my boss and our clients. My wife and I started looking at the Lincoln latest models that are available. I have been enjoying the commercials on TV about the new Lincolns that have Matthew McConaughey in them. The scene where he is talking to himself is neat. It shows him in the driver’s seat talking about enjoying the backseat of the luxury Lincoln. Then it shows him looking into the rearview mirror to see himself sitting comfortably in the back seat. That got me interested in going to take a test drive. The one complaint I had about every car we have ever owned is the smallness of the back seats for passenger comfort.

The Lincoln latest models have plenty of room for passengers, and the cars are very luxurious. My boss was very impressed when I showed up to pick up him and a client for a golf outing. There was plenty of room for us, the clubs and more. You do not want to pick up your boss in a vehicle that is cramped and uncomfortable. Plus, this is actually a very nice family car. Granted, I have to keep cleaning up pieces of cereal off the floor that the kids leave behind, but that’s not a problem.

My wife enjoys driving it too. It is a big car, but it is quite maneuverable. Neither one of us have any problem driving it or parking it anywhere. Plus, it has a lot of get up and go power. The sporty styling impresses me too. I like the status look it gives on the road. It sure beats driving the old beater I had as a teenager when I got my first job.

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