The Best Equipment I Have Found

When one of the companies we work with had problems with their direct hydrocarbon indicators, I had to jump to the fore and get to work diagnosing the issue. A direct hydrocarbon indicator is a device that uses seismic waves to locate oil deposits. As you can imagine, it is incredibly important to have these devices functioning at their full capacity. You can’t skimp when you’re acquiring these devices because the companies that use them spend a lot of money trying to find new oil deposits in the ocean and on land. They can potentially lose hundreds of millions of dollars if it doesn’t work.

I work for a company that is sort of a middle man for several oil and gas firms in Asia and they rely on us to source their equipment and provide it in a timely manner. The latest dust up with the indicators sounded ominous to me because we provided them to the company and if they weren’t working we very well could end up with a large lawsuit filed by the company in question so that they could recover the money lost on explorations. We needed to make good on this right away.

Sure enough we examined the indicators and found that they were faulty. I won’t get into the finer details, but they simply weren’t working as intended. That meant I had to find a company with a superior product and get them delivered to the firms we were working with in order to avoid a lawsuit. I found a company online that builds these devices and we quickly learned they ran like a dream. We acquired the needed number of the devices and replaced the faulty units with this superior product. Crisis averted, although we had to eat the cost of the new units. We’ll be working with this company exclusively from here on out.

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