I Am Moving Across State

It really was not my idea, but about a month ago the company dropped it on me out of the blue. It was a Friday afternoon just before I was going to leave home. In fact I had planned upon taking a quick trip down to the beach to stay with a friend of mine and do a little surf fishing. I had just bought a pro valu dog crate for my lab Jake and that turned out to be a good thing, although it is not like he minds riding in my truck. It is just that he sometimes wants to jump out of it and be a real jerk for no reason. At any rate I left him with my brother on the first trip, and I hired this big kid from down the street to help me move the furniture. We rented a truck and loaded it up in about two hours, then it took us about an hour and forty five minutes to get to the house I had to rent. It took us about two hours to unload the truck and eat our lunch, then we went back and loaded up the truck again.

The second load did not have anything I could not get out myself, but I still had to get my car down there. To be honest I did not trust that kid with either of the vehicles, but I knew that the rental company had not signed up to let him drive that truck and so he followed me down there and took the bus back home the next day after we returned the truck. He tried to get me to throw in a case of beer with the money that I paid him, but I was not going to do that.

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