A Five Bedroom Unit Makes the Most Sense

My wife and I are planning on starting a family soon. We know that we are going to have to find a new place to live once we do because we are currently living in a one bedroom apartment. We are hoping to have at least three children, so we knew that we needed to find something with at least four bedrooms. I would rather have too much room than not enough for a few years. She started looking online, and that is how she came across www.principalgarden-uol.info.

We were both really impressed with everything that we read about this new condo development. The first thing we wanted to look at were the floor plans though. We knew that we needed at least four bedrooms and at least three bathrooms, so we were happy to see that there were a couple floor plans that allowed this.

The first one is for a four bedroom unit. There are also four baths, which I knew would make life a lot better for us. The rooms are all a generous size, and it even comes with a private lift that is just for us, if we ended up getting this one. Another really nice thing is that a small yard does come with it too. My wife was happy with this one, but she liked the five bedroom unit even better.

While we were not planning on having four children, we knew that it was always a possibility because twins do run in her family. I admit that I like the five bedroom one myself for a few different reasons. First off, there is a large balcony that runs nearly the length of the condo. There is also a yard and utility, and there is a private lift here as well. There are also five baths here. We are going to apply for this one, because it just makes the most sense for us.

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